Dating in SoCal

Let’s be real. This is the worst text you can get from that cute boi you’re flirting with. Now you have to stress about what you are going to do and how you are going to answer him! But you can chillout, I’m here to prepare you for dating in SoCal.

In my experience, the best dates have their setting at the beach. You can never go wrong suggesting a trip to the beach because it can include SO MANY options. Now you can answer this boi confidently and be able to picnic at Salt Creek, get gelato in Laguna, or even hang out in the sand in Newport. The possibilities are endless. If the beach isn’t your thing you can always suggest a movie! If you are stumped for a place to go, Irvine Spectrum has a beautiful theater, good vibes, and great food. My best tip for a movie is picking a comedy to bond over or a movie that gives you an excuse to jump into his arms ;). If you are worried about the boy spending too much, you can always offer to pay for ice cream, froyo, or dinner after.



If this is your first date, these are my 10 Soo Nicole Tips to see if he deserves a second date with your fine booty.

1.  He picks you up

2. He holds your hand while you walk (he’s a gentleman and is happy to be seen with you)

3. He pays for the first date

4. He LISTENS and gives you good eye contact

5. He asks questions!!

6. He respects your boundaries

7. He makes sure you have a good time 🙂

8. He provides the gum or mint after eating ooo girl

9. He says goodbye with the appropriate hug or kiss

10. He texts the next day saying he had a good time.

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Soo Nicole

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